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September 23, 2022

Choosing The Right Orthodontic Treatment

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment locally is easier than you think. Teeth straightening solutions are more varied and accessible than ever before, which makes choosing the right orthodontic treatment easier.

Having confidence in your smile is important to your self-confidence, which is why it is important to seek orthodontic treatment if you are concerned about your teeth.

Whether it is a minor issue minor misalignments or a more serious problem with overcrowded teeth, there is an orthodontist in Blackheath that can help.

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment means being fully aware of the options that are available to you, and your orthodontist in Blackheath will be able to explain these to you in as much detail as you need.

The consultation is the ideal time to ask questions about the treatment so you know exactly what to expect. It’s also a good time to learn more about the options available to you.

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment for you

Teeth straightening solutions are more varied and accessible than ever before, which makes choosing the right orthodontic treatment easier. If you thought that orthodontics were only available for teenagers, think again!

Many adults are now choosing to straighten their teeth later in life as a way to boost their confidence. And if you had braces as a teenager but stopped wearing your retainer, you could revisit the treatment as a way to get your perfect smile back.

Here are some of the most popular orthodontic methods you can explore:

Removable braces

Removable braces

If you only have a minor misalignment it is possible that your dentist may be able to gently move your teeth into place using a removable brace, which only needs to be on for set hours, or that can be taken out for eating and drinking. These are similar to a retainer and there are many different brands available.

If you have had previous orthodontic treatment and want to maintain the results, we recommend weaning a retainer at night time to help protect your teeth.


Choosing the right orthodontic treatment as a teenager or adult often means taking into account discretion. Offering almost invisible braces, Invisalign is a hugely popular treatment that also allows the aligners that are fitted over teeth to be removed when eating.

The clear aligners are fitted to teeth by a dentist and then you change them at home every 10-14 days. Each aligner applies gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into the perfect alignment. As the aligners can be taken out for cleaning and eating, you don’t have to make too many changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Traditional fixed braces

Traditional fixed braces

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment also means considering efficiency and metal braces remain a fast and effective method of teeth straightening.

Delivering excellent and long-lasting results, metal braces are ideal for resolving complex issues. These work by attaching small brackets to your teeth and then running a wire between the brackets. The wire can be adjusted to apply tension to your teeth and gently move them into the correct position. You’ll need to visit the dentist for adjustments.

Lingual braces

Another discreet method of teeth straightening, lingual braces are fitted to the back of the teeth leaving them hidden from view. As permanently fixed braces, lingual braces deliver good results while remaining discreet. If you are looking for a discreet treatment your orthodontist in the West Midlands can advise you on the best option for your teeth.

Ceramic braces

Your dentist in Blackheath can also recommend ceramic braces, which work in the same way as metal braces but can be more closely colour-matched to your teeth. The brackets are colour-matched to your teeth and the wires are clear, so they are much more discreet than some alternatives.

How do you choose the right treatment for you

How do you choose the right treatment for you?

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment will all depend on the alignment issues you would like to address and some additional lifestyle factors.

  • If you don’t mind the appearance of fixed braces, this can be a highly effective method that delivers fast results.

  • If you are more forgetful and might struggle to remember to wear your aligners, Invisalign might not be the right choice for you. Invisalign needs to be worn for 20-22 hours per day, so you need to think carefully if this is the right plan for you.

  • If you want discreet braces, it doesn’t have to be a removable option. You could also select treatments like lingual braces. These are fixed to the backs of your teeth, so only you will know you are wearing them.

  • If you play sports, you will need to wear a gumshield over your aligners. This is easier done with a clear plastic aligner system like Invisalign.

Looking for an orthodontist in Blackheath?

If you’re ready to start orthodontic treatment in Blackheath, Rowley Regis or the West Midlands, we’re here to help. Our team are the experts in helping patients choose the right treatment for their needs.

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Rowley Regis, Blackheath or the West Midlands to help you choose the right orthodontic treatment, the dedicated team at Bhandal Dental Practice is here to help.

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