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How Long Does the Dental Implant Process Take?

Curious about dental implants? This innovative treatment plan is the only permanent replacement for missing teeth. It can be used to replace a single tooth or an entire arch, depending on your needs.

What makes this treatment so unique is that it helps to restore not only the aesthetics of your smile, but also the function. With other restorations, your artificial tooth is either supported by your gums or by surrounding teeth. With dental implants, your jaw bone absorbs the force of your bite, ensuring that it remains functional and does not shrink over time.

Patients know that this is the superior choice for replacing missing teeth, but they still have plenty of questions when it comes to their treatment plan. And one of the most common questions we hear is… how long is this going to take?

How long do dental implants take?

How long do dental implants take?

The duration of the treatment will all depend on the type of implants, the placement, and how quickly your body heals. Multiple implants typically take longer than a single implant, since this puts more stress on the body. And implants in the upper jaw tend to heal faster than those in the lower jaw, as the upper jaw bone tends to be softer.

If you opt for same day implants, you’ll be able to walk out of the practice on the day of your surgery with a load-bearing arch restoration. For traditional dental implants, you will have to wait between the procedures for the implants to heal and bond with your jaw. Let’s explore the treatment plan in more detail to understand how long the process will take.

Traditional dental implants

Traditional dental implants

With traditional dental implants, the treatment takes place over multiple visits. The implants are left to heal between visits, so the full treatment time is dependent on how your body responds to the procedure. In general, patients will wait around 3-6 months from start to finish. It’s important to remain a little bit flexible, as your body may need longer to heal.

The implant procedure typically follows this plan:

  1. Placing the titanium implant in the jawbone and then leaving this to heal and bond with the bone. This typically takes 3-6 months.

  2. Placing the healing abutment on top of the implant. After this, you will typically need to wait for 1-2 weeks for the gum to heal.

  3. Placing the crown, bridge or denture. This is completed in one visit and there is no healing time after this.

Same day dental implants

Same day dental implants

With same day dental implants, the implants that are used are slightly different. They are longer and placed at an angle, meaning that the procedure can be completed in the same day.

Rather than waiting 3-6 months for your implants to bond with your jaw, the full restoration is placed on the same day. This means that you can wear your new denture from the day of your implant procedure.

Your implants will then heal and bond with your jaw bone while you are wearing it. You can expect your mouth to feel a little tender for around 7-10 days. During this time, you may need to adjust your diet to include more soft foods that are easier to chew. You’ll need to avoid hard and crunchy foods until your jaw and gums feel less tender.

How long does the procedure take?

The dental implant procedure is quite quick. The surgery will typically take between one and two hours per implant. This will vary depending on the type of implants you choose.

Many patients choose to have oral conscious sedation for their implant procedure. This will allow you to be awake but more relaxed during the procedure. It can also help it to feel like time is passing much more quickly. This is helpful for your dentist, as it means that you will be relaxed throughout the procedure, and this makes it easier for your dentist to work.

Final thoughts

If you’re curious about dental implants, the best option would be to book an implant consultation with our team. This is your chance to find out more about the treatment and decide if it’s the right option for you.

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