Terms and Conditions

Payment Method

We accept cash, credit and debit cards. Bhandal Dental Practice no longer accept cheques.

Cancellation Of Courses

If for any reason a course of treatment is cancelled then Bhandal Dental Practice will make every reasonable effort to provide the patient with as much notice as possible.

Bhandal Dental Practice’s maximum liability will be limited to a refund of the advance payment fee ONLY.

Bhandal Dental Practice will not accept liability for any additional costs or losses incurred by patients, which are claimed to have arisen through treatment cancellation.

Bhandal Dental Practice reserves the right to vary arrangements for the delivery of a treatment plan and in such cases will make reasonable efforts to inform patients in advance.

Refund Policy

To cancel a course of treatment for which you have booked an appointment and be fully refunded all fees for treatment not yet performed, you must give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

If 24 hours’ notice to cancel is not received, Bhandal Dental Practice reserve the right to withhold a proportionate amount of money, based upon the length of the appointment, to cover overheads/​laboratory work.

If a patient receiving treatment involving laboratory work/​initial work has been carried out and the laboratory work has started or been completed, a proportion of the fee taken on the preparation appointment will be kept to cover the cost of laboratory invoice and clinical time based on the dentist’s discretion.

Refunds may not be eligible if:

  • Laboratory work is completed/​ordered
  • Impressions or scans have been taken and aligners have been ordered
  • Aligners have been collected by the patient
  • Treatment has started or has been part-completed

Aligners/​prosthesis fitted , implant, brackets or any other laboratory items have been ordered.


If patients do not comply with dentist instructions/​aftercare advice or fail to attend regular check-up, this can void warranty.

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