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Children’s Private Orthodontist in the West Midlands

Jump long NHS queues with our private orthodontic clinic. We offer private braces for teens starting from just £995. With private braces, you can start treatment straight away without the wait, which can result in shorter treatment times. 

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Fixed braces for teens from £995

Avoid long NHS waiting lists

Private orthodontic treatments and braces for children

Children’s orthodontic treatments can detect potential future dental issues quickly, and safe procedures help to create a great smile and straight teeth to be proud of from an early age. Metal orthodontic braces are highly effective in straightening the teeth, whereas ceramic braces offer a discreet alternative as they match the colour of the teeth.

Lingual braces attach to the back of the tooth, hiding them from sight, and nearly invisible aligners, Invisalign braces, are now available for ultimate discretion. Most brace options will be replaced or tweaked every two weeks to progressively move teeth into the preferred position.

The benefits of private orthodontics

  • Avoid long NHS queues
  • Increases confidence
  • Early detection of dental issues
  • Free consultation

Private teenage orthodontics

Clear, removable aligners that straighten teeth in as little as 6 months.

Invisalign for Teenagers

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Free consultation for private orthodontics

Seek expert advice from our professional orthodontic consultants during a free consultation and understand more about the remedial solutions, including metal, ceramic, lingual and invisible braces.

Private dental care and children’s orthodontics are available from the age of ten with Bhandal Dental Practices. Procedures are swift and can start before all the adult teeth are in place. Some mild teeth issues may not be covered on the NHS, in which case private dental procedures are the only option to perform cosmetic solutions. Private orthodontics also offers a wider range of solutions, including Invisalign.

Patient Journey

Your child’s smile journey starts here

Free smile assessment

We will check your child’s teeth to determine if they are a suitable candidate for orthodontics.

Visualise the results

See how your child’s smile could look after treatment with SmileView.

Finance options

We will offer a comprehensive treatment plan with payment options, including finance.

Treatment begins

Your child can begin treatment right away, with no waiting lists, assessments or referrals.

Return for checkups

We’ll schedule regular checkups to monitor the progress and adjust your child’s braces.

The smile reveal

At the end of the treatment plan, we will remove your child’s braces and fit a retainer to wear at night.

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Frequently asked questions

How can we help?

The main difference between NHS and private orthodontics is the availability. NHS braces are only available for certain cases, and your child may not meet the requirements. There are also age restrictions to consider and long waiting lines, so your child might age out of the free treatment category before they have had a chance to start treatment. Private treatments also offer a wider range of solutions, including Invisalign.

No, you do not need a referral for private orthodontics. If your child does not meet the clinical requirements for braces on the NHS, or if you would like to start treatment sooner, private treatment could be the ideal option.

Most children will have all their adult teeth by the age of 12, which is when they can start to consider orthodontic treatment. However, some mild teeth issues may not be covered on the NHS, in which case private dental procedures are the only option to perform cosmetic solutions. With regular checkups, we can begin monitoring their teeth for signs that braces might be required in the future.

This will depend on the severity of the teeth issue. In general, treatment will last between 18 months to two years. However, every case is different, and we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate during your child’s consultation.

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We offer excellent care and advice regarding our wide range of treatments to all of our patients.

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Patient stories

Hear from our happy patients

  • Bhandal dental surgery in Blackheath Birmingham are the best Dentists I have ever been to. All the staff are nice and polite and Dr Pavan and her assistant Liv are absolutely fantastic and I do not use those words lightly.Incidentally this is the first review I have ever left for a Dentist. A great thank you to this Dentist practice who go above and beyond to provide exceptional service and this applies to NHS patients.

    John Musgrove

    John Musgrove

    Jun 21,2024

  • I was so nervous to have something done to my teeth for the first time, my anxiety was through the roof. But the 2 ladys that did my treatment today were BRILLIANT they calmed me down. Kept making sure i was okay and explained everything thoroughly and made sure i understood what was happening 10/10 would reccomend

    Hayley joan

    Hayley joan

    May 31,2024

  • I recently visited Dr. Dorsa for a dental procedure, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Dr. Dorsa is not only incredibly professional but also exceptionally patient and kind. She has a unique way of making you feel calm and comfortable throughout the entire treatment process. What I appreciated most was her willingness to describe each step of the procedure, which really helped alleviate any anxiety I had. I highly recommend Dr. Dorsa to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate dentist.

    leila faz

    leila faz

    Apr 22,2024

  • I’m very anxious 😬 about dental visits, but Dr Dorsa and the lovely ladies were soo reassuring amazing even when I wanted to leave due to my anxiety. Thank you soo much!!

    Kam Kaur

    Kam Kaur

    Apr 7,2024

  • I recently underwent Invisalign and whitening with Dr Simran and Demi, and couldn’t be more satisfied with the results!From the initial consultation to final adjustments, their level of care and attention to detail was truly outstanding.Dr Simran’s expertise and professionalism were evident from the get go. She took time to thoroughly explain the treatment process and answered all my questions with patience and clarity. Demi was equally fantastic, keeping me updated with the next steps and making each visit a pleasant one.I am so pleased with the results!! I highly recommend :)

    Jeevan Sunnar

    Jeevan Sunnar

    Mar 20,2024

  • Always give good care and service, very friendly, never had any problems

    roy darby

    roy darby

    Mar 20,2024

  • Extremely happy with the result of my teeth, great experience honestly couldn’t thank simran and Demi enough for making me feel confident with my smile, 100% recommend

    Georgina Otoole

    Georgina Otoole

    Mar 18,2024

  • Dr Dorsa and her Dental Nurse where amazing. I have Dentophobia, and always find treatments really hard to cope with, but Dr Dorsa and her Nurse where really supportive and reassuring, they made me feel so much at ease and ensured I was okay throughout my treatment. I felt very much looked after as an individual person. Thank you to Dr Dorsa and her Nurse and Bhandal Dental Staff in Blackheath, Rowley Regis.



    Feb 24,2024

  • Always very impressed with the service at Bhandal Dental Practice, Blackheath. Dr Dorsa carried out the procedure professionally and without fuss. I am very happy with the result. Thank you.

    Russell Blakey

    Russell Blakey

    Feb 21,2024

  • My third visit to Dr Dorsa today. I have advanced gum disease & needed deep cleaning sessions to minimise effects of this. My individual treatment plan clearly explained including how to improve dental hygiene at home. Dr Dorsa delivered treatment in a sensitive caring manner & today’s results show a marked improvement to my gum health. Very happy with service provided & can recommend.

    Penny Hazzell

    Penny Hazzell

    Feb 20,2024

  • Dr Dorsa great skills She calm me down as i had bad experince in past Did great job

    Armin Burazorovic

    Armin Burazorovic

    Feb 19,2024

  • I normally get bad anxiety when going to dentist but Dr Dorsa was truly amazing and made me feel at ease. Would 100% recommend this fantastic dentist. Thank you so much ❤️

    Jon Payne

    Jon Payne

    Jan 18,2024

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